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      WordPress eBook: Create A Perfect Blog

      This is for one simple reason: Installing a WordPress blog is a kid’s job. Anyone can buy hosting from companies like Bluehost, SiteGround, that allows one-click WordPress installation, and your WordPress blog is up & running. The big question is what next?

      • How do you ensure your WordPress blog is secure?
      • How do you ensure your WordPress blog is search engine friendly?
      • Do you know what are the essential plugins you need & how to configure them?

      ShoutMeloud The Ultimate Beginners WordPress Guide is the complete playbook for any level of the user who wants to make a career in blogging & ensure their WordPress blog is perfect.


      This eBook teaches you (With pictures) on how to create a WordPress blog which ranks easily & is secure. You will be learning the pro-tips which you won’t find anywhere else. I have shared all essential settings that I use here at ShoutMeLoud & you can copy the same. The only difference is you will be doing it for your domain & your target niche.

      Updated: V 2.7: 18th April 2019

      • 2019 pre-release
      • Removed outdated plugins
      • Added new WordPress setup option

      Updated: V 2.6: 23rd February 2018

      • Revamped WordPress installation section
      • Updated stats and removed outdated information
      • Removed plugins and add new once

      Updated V 2.5: 7th July 2017 New

      • Updated all information
      • Removed few outdated plugins
      • Added updated screenshots
      • Added new plugins

      Update v2.2: 14th June 2016

      • New HQ screenshots
      • Updating the WordPress settings option
      • Removed old plugins
      • Added new WordPress plugins

      Updated V2.3: 20th June 2016

      • Major UI Changes
      • Re-wrote WordPress Introduction

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